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Omorfia Artistry was founded in 2015 by our beauty expert Nicole.  With over 14 years experience in the beauty industry she decided she wanted to set the bar for leading and safe beauty artistry.  Before Nicole decided to officially open her doors to the public, she wanted to travel and expand her knowledge. She worked in Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago from 2015 to 2017.  While doing so, she was sought after for her exclusive techniques in eyelash and fusion hair extension applications. She was asked to teach her techniques by other beauty elites and began educating full time. 

Some factors that differs Nicole from other beauty professionals is her vast experience with many techniques, and knowledge of safety, meaning preserving your natural beauty whether its your hair, lashes or skin while applying any type of enhancements in the best way possible and using the highest grade of products.

Her exclusive techniques demonstrate her expertise. She believes in using only the safest and highest quality products available on the market and has done years of research to ensure superior quality control for her valued clients.

We believe in total transparency with our services and products

Below you will find our products and services information


By consultation only

Fusion/Bond & weave method: we use the highest grade 100% real virgin hair available on the market, it can be lightened, colored, flat ironed or curled just like your natural hair. Our bonds are a non-glue, soft textured proprietary blend that allows your natural hair to breathe, making it healthier and non-damaging. This method and product is exclusive to Omorfia Artistry. Our weave features a flat thin weft and can be lightened or coloured and heat tools can be used on it. If you are a platinum blonde we do not recommend that level of lightening, call for more details.

Microlinks & Tape-ins: we use rubber coated links on our high quality strands that can be flat ironed/curled and styled as natural hair, we do not advise colouring or lightening this type of hair.


All of our lash extensions are vegan "mink like real hair" that are very supple and soft to the touch. We carry all weights, lengths and curl styles to give you the perfect & custom look you want. Our adhesive is medical grade and formaldehyde free.

Classic Lashes: Perfect for anyone new to lash extensions or you simply want the "mascara look". We use a flat type of lash called Ellipse, to give you a nice and even, pretty lash line. With these lashes you will get a fuller but very natural look.

We safely apply 1 lash extension to 1 of your natural lashes and use specific densities and lengths determined by your natural lashes.

Russian Volume:Excellent for clients who want the VA-VA VOOM effect! This is the ultimate in lashesWe safely apply 1 handmade fan to 1 of your natural lashes. We hand make "Russian Volume fans" as we go. Depending on the look you want, fans can have anywhere from 2 lashes (2D) up to 8 lashes (8D) for your natural lash health and safety. They are super light weight 0.03-0.05 for the perfect fluff and glam effect without the heavy eye lid feeling and damage. With our Russian Volume lashes, we offer 3 types of looks; Natural/Light,  fluffy glam, or structured Drama.

Hybrid (mixed style):Ideal if you want more fullness without that VA-VA VOOM. We use both single lashes and Russian Volume fans as a combination for the perfect every day fullness.

Lash Lift:  Stunning if you want beautiful, long lashes but do not want to wear eyelash extensions. When you receive a lash lift, we accompany it with a lash tint to give you the look you expect. We use Yumi Lash Lift products, to ensure exceptional and long lasting results. Lash lift lasts anywhere from 6-8 weeks.

Lash and Brow Tint: If you have always wanted fuller brows but do not want to get tattooed or micro-blading, then you need to try brow tinting! Brow tinting not only colors your brow hairs but also your skin underneath to give you even and full brows.  It lasts anywhere from 7-10 days (depending on your skin type), oily skin will fade faster than normal or dry skin types.  Maintenance is easy,  when you come in for your brow clean  up, we just reapply the tint.  All of our tint colors are derived from vegetables, which makes them vegan and they are also enriched with vitamins and collagen.

Threading: Threading allows for the ultimate precision for perfectly shaped brows. This method pulls the hair right out from the root, which allows slower hair regrowth.

Why we only offer threading is for multiple reasons; waxing rips layers of your skin off, which causes damage, it leaves your skin raw and open to bacteria and causes premature aging/droopy eyelids and fine lines from the tugging of the wax removal.

Make-up:  Our beauty experts work with many different skin types and textures. Rest assured, we evaluate your skin type prior to application to ensure flawless coverage and lasting make-up for your special event. 

We use the healthiest & best leading cosmetic brands for all makeup applications

such as;

Jane Iredale


Laura Mercier


many more.